Agile Coach Training and Certification

Ever find yourself daydreaming about how to make your workplace more agile? Interested in teaching other workplaces how to create an agile environment? If you answered yes to either question, you may want to consider showing off your agile knowledge and leadership skills by training to become an agile coach. Becoming an agile coach can bring you one step closer to sharing this wonderful workplace experience with companies in any industry. Read on to learn more about this position and how to become an agile coach.

What is an Agile Coach?

Turning your workplace into an agile phenomenon starts with an agile coach working their magic. You may be wondering, what exactly is an agile coach? Well, these agile extraordinaires are the leaders who help organizations understand and implement agile practices in their workplace. They may teach whole organizations, smaller teams, or even individuals how to create an agile environment. With an agile coach, your team can work together to achieve a more efficient team that produces better results.

Want to learn how to become an agile coach? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s start by discussing the typical responsibilities of an agile coach so you know exactly what you’ll be doing. These may include:

  • Working with an organization to analyze and identify current systems that may need improvement
  • Establishing a unique and detailed strategy to guide the organization through the process improvement stage
  • Leading agile workshops for teams and key stakeholders to clearly communicate agile values and practices
  • Guiding the organization through the switch to an agile environment and encouraging the agile mindset throughout the journey

Agile coaches are the spearheads of the agile workforce. According to LinkedIn, agile coaches make an average of $139,000/year. To fulfill this role and lead the change to an agile environment effectively, the agile coach position typically looks for skills such as:

  • Previous experience with the agile environment, including an understanding of Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe) and Scrum
  • Strong communication skills, particularly in public speaking
  • Experience teaching and implementing agile environments of varying complexity
  • Coaching and leadership skills
  • Agile coach training and certifications

Previous experience is a key component of becoming a successful agile coach, and luckily, there are plenty of ways to gain this experience and tackle this role. We’ll dive into how to become an agile coach in the next section.

Becoming an Agile Coach

There are a few unique steps you can take to complete agile coach training and become a leader in the agile world. We’ve outlined a handful of key steps to becoming an agile coach below.

Know the Agile Framework

Whether you’ve had previous agile experience or not, the first step on how to become an agile coach is to make sure you know the agile framework inside and out. Through agile coach training, you should be able to relay the values and principles of the agile methodology to organizations, teams, and stakeholders with ease. Talking about Scrum Masters and Product Owners should be second nature.

Complete Training Courses

No agile coach training is complete without at least a couple of courses under your belt! Certification courses cover both the basic and advanced information that an agile coach should know to effectively lead an organization through the switch to an agile environment. Fortunately, there are many online courses available that will fit your schedule and help you become an agile pro. Add LurnAgile’s extensive list of certification courses to your resume as you complete your agile coach training.

Get Certified with LurnAgile

Start your path to becoming an agile coach with LurnAgile. Our professional team has all the knowledge and insight you’ll need to work your way through agile coach training and assist organizations through the agile transformation. Our detailed courses are designed to teach every interested individual about the agile methodology and how to implement this environment into any workplace. Check out our training courses or contact us today with any questions you have about how to become an agile coach!

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