Make the Leap from Business Analyst to Agile Practitioner

Make the Leap from Business Analyst to Agile Practitioner

September 14, 2020 at 4pm PDT


Join Matt Wyman and Debra Hildebrand as we discuss the latest exciting agile trends employers are adopting and how BAs can position themselves for career growth and longevity.

Specifically we will talk about:

Seeking advice on how to apply your skills as a software development BA in the current environment is a precarious endeavor. The job landscape has become more complex since the early days of Scrum, as larger companies are accelerating their transformations to reap the benefits of Business Agility.

The good news: trends to “scale up” agile practices have opened up a tremendous number of opportunities for those coming from a more traditional BA skills in requirements analysis, elicitation, collaboration, and life-cycle management.

The challenge: positioning yourself to provide the maximum value in today’s job market is not always obvious and too often BAs are limiting their potential with well-meaning but misinformed advice.

Join us for a free workshop to learn about the numerous exciting opportunities for those with BA skills in the modern Agile Software Engineering market.

  • High-level survey of the important trends, including Business Agility, Lean-Agile principles, ScrumXP, Lean UX, Cadence and Synchronization.
  • Mapping of traditional BA standards and methods to their counterparts in Lean-Agile environments.
  • Overview of common roles and opportunities for BAs as larger companies evolve and start to scale agile practices. (Product Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer, etc.)
  • Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise (SAFe), the current market-leading framework, and the opportunities for BAs who position themselves correctly.
  • Real world Q&A with Matt Wyman, an Agile Coach and Consultant with 25 years’ experience in Software Engineering, specializing in the critical role of the Business Analyst.

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    How To Become a Scrum Master

    How To Become a Scrum Master

    August 27, 2020 at 4pm PDT


    Join Brad Sherman and Debra Hildebrand as we discuss the path to becoming a Scrum Master.  Specifically we will talk about:

    • What is a Scrum Master?
      • Facilitate Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
      • Lead while being a Servant to the team
      • Allow the team to hold themselves to their own higher standard
    • What does a Scrum Master not do?
      • Manage people, process, technology or tools
      • Speak for the team
      • Set priorities or strategic goals
    • How to become a Scrum Master?
      • Domain and context-insightful experience
      • Soft Skills: situational awareness, emotional intelligence, attention giving v. grabbing
      • Education and Certification

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    Debra Hildebrand

    Debra Hildebrand

    Debra Hildebrand is the Founder of LurnAgile and has over 20 years’ experience in project management; including consulting and training in the public and private sector and teaching in higher education. She is one of the architects for the Project Management Certification program at the University of Washington, where she received the Team Teaching Excellence Award and currently instructs in the online portion of the program. Additionally, she developed and currently teaches traditional and agile project management courses at Stanford University.

    She is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC 5.0), Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and has an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York, NY.

    Debra is no longer with LurnAgile but can be reached at Hildebrand Solutions, LLC


    Matt Wyman

    Matt Wyman

    Matt Wyman is a software engineering professional with over 25 years’ experience in the IT, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Airlines industries. Matt’s career spans leadership and consulting roles in Software Engineering at companies including NCR, IBM, Delta Airlines, Kaplan, McKesson, and Merrill Lynch.

    He has led both small team-level agile adoption efforts as well as large scaled agile transformations at the enterprise level.

    Matt is an enthusiast and student of best practices, and enjoys leveraging his experiences as a development practitioner, consultant, and coach to help bridge the gap between Lean-Agile theory and the messy complex dynamics of applying it in the real world.

    Matt is a Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), ScrumMaster (CSM), and Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

    Matt currently resides in Atlanta, GA

    Michael Thompson

    Michael is an Agile Leader and Program / Project Manager with a highly successful 20+ year career guiding organizations in defining and implementing new processes, models, and standards that have reduced costs, reduced timelines, improved quality, and alignment of investments with business goals.

    He has demonstrated expertise in delivering training on Agile adoptions, evaluating performance, designing action plans, and rendering improvement recommendations. Michael is an expert in completing assigned functions or projects within timely and budgetary constraints and excels at executing Agile/SAFe methodologies and deploying advanced systems or tools to improve productivity.

    He has high-level leadership, problem resolution and mentoring ability with excellent interpersonal and communication skills – his students are often found smiling and laughing during his courses.

    He is an SPC, Certified Project Manager in Scrum (Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), and Project Management Professional (PMP)

    Michael currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA

    Webinar – Make the Leap to an Agile Career

    Webinar – Make the Leap to an Agile Career

    Are you in traditional/waterfall project management and thinking about transitioning to a career in Agile?

    Debra Hildebrand and Agile Executive Coach, Ram Kollengode, are putting on a free webinar to guide you through the process of making the leap from traditional/waterfall project management to a career in #Agile.

    This is a free, LIVE, one hour consultation with us. We will walk through the following:

    1. How to prepare for the transition

    2. Recognizing your transferrable skills

    3. How to map those transferrable skills to a specific Agile Role (you know, for your resume and job interviews!)

    4. What kind of courses should you take and certifications should you have

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